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Crystai series

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  Ice crystals series glass partition profile structure design is exquisite, the wall thickness of 1.3-2.3 mm, its strength is higher than market similar aluminium partition products; Overall thickness of 50 mm only, broke through the traditional bulky framework single glass aluminum partition design concept, concise, novel appearance and smooth; The cover board fixed keel design, installation, maintenance is convenient, fast disassembly when only 150 mm outer cover plate, the other profile and glass can be removed without damage, repeated utilization ratio of more than 90%.
In profile socket, profiles and panels, profiles with heaven, earth, walls should be used in the joint of the big, medium and small three different porous special seals, making multiple cavity noise reduction, sound insulation, completely cut off the possibilities of sound transmission channel, sound insulation performance up to 49 db. All seals are not exposed, to ensure the wall clean, neat appearance.
Ice crystals series glass partition width is only 8 mm, break through the thick tradition, exquisitely meticulous, make glass partition wall permeability and integral feeling is able to fully implement. Use the glass, toughened glass excellent permeability and smoothness.

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