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2017-08-20 Administrator

Low carbon economy is an economic model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission, which is another significant progress in human society after agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. In line with the requirements of people's life, and energy saving glass partition wall products or fire partition glass products, energy saving and environmental protection is in line with the requirements of low-carbon economy and low-carbon society.

From the development experience of foreign countries, the national policy is the implementation of the housing construction development trend, we can for the next 5 years energy saving fire glass partition wall demand for bold guess.

Assumption 1. In the next five years, the efficiency of the construction of the existing buildings will be 3% to 6%. One is in the next five years the average area of 2.5 billion square meters of new construction; Second, according to the construction of our country put forward energy-saving target; By 2015, half of the new building energy saving 50% of the nation's goals, by 2020, all new construction the country achieve energy saving target of 65%.

Assumption 2.  The next five years of stock construction energy-saving transformation rate will be 3% -6%. China's existing construction area of about 22.5 billion square meters.

Assumption 3.  Energy-saving flameproof glass partition wall using area account for 25% of the construction area.

From the above analysis, even by cautious assumption, in the next five years the annual demand for energy saving flameproof glass partition in 89 million square meters, this value includes window, glass partition, etc. But it is far more than the existing supply level. We think that the next five years, China's construction industry demand for energy saving, to keep more than 35% of high-speed growth.

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